wins the 3rd prize at the startup competition of the Mashable Social Media Day Italy 2018

Here is the startup model board presented wins the 3rd prize at the startup competition of the Mashable Social Media Day Italy 2018 -

October 20th, 2018


Do you know what a StartUp Model Board is?

It is an unprecedented visual storytelling tool for communicating any business project through images. Simona Michelon and Caterina Stefanazzi created it and on their website you can discover its potential.

We at used it to participate in the StartUp Competition of the MashableSocialMediaDayItaly 2018 and here we also tell it to you.

Our story tells of resilience, engagement and protection: the #resilience of our founder, who put together her experience as a digital innovator and cancer survivor; #engagement, because to educate to prevent it is necessary to overcome the stigma and false myths that still surround cancer; #protection, because prevention is the best strategy for fighting this disease.

It is our mission, and we have enclosed it in our payoff: "+ knowledge - fear, informed for life".

Our uniqueness is to have created a new language to talk about cancer and prevention. In a sea of information on cancer, sometimes contradictory, we create education programs for cancer prevention for companies that care about the well-being of their people. We create curiosities using visual journalism techniques. We create empathy and emotional involvement with the videos of our cancer survivors. We educate on prevention with simple, targeted, scientifically and digitally validated content.

Our team is agile. The project was born two years ago from the intuition that there was a need to be satisfied. The team works with those who are able to open their hearts and minds, to dream, to discover new solutions to problems that seem insurmountable.

Our positioning on the market ... we trace a path: we make social innovation. Today with our customers we are tracing a new path in the way of doing corporate welfare. With our partners we would like to trace a new way of protecting. We started with an education product, we will develop a health coaching service, for lifestyle monitoring and active management of the prevention agenda. Our goal is to be a dedicated Protection and Long Term Care insurance platform, which rewards responsible lifestyle

Our users are citizens. Our challenge is that of health education, which the Roadmap for Sustainable Healthcare in Europe indicates as "the main road to allow citizens to better understand their health and plan and consciously manage their care options". We talk to them about cancer risk awareness, prevention and protection.

Our secret formula…. is the gaze of those who, thanks to our cancer risk awareness and cancer prevention education programs, have understood that 'prevention is protection'.

He made us win the third prize ... discover the reasons from the 14th minute ...